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Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator Codes December 2023

🎮 Flashy Insights into Anime Fighters Simulator Codes on Roblox! 🌟

Anime Fighters Simulator fans, get ready to supercharge your gameplay with the latest codes for December 2023! These codes are your golden ticket to acquiring awesome boosts, tokens, and EXP, elevating your experience in this exciting Roblox game. So, let's dive into the world of Anime Fighters Simulator and discover how you can redeem these codes and what you can expect from them.

anime fighters simulator

How to Redeem Anime Fighters Simulator December 2023 Codes

  1. Launch the Game: Start by opening Anime Fighters Simulator on Roblox.

  2. Find the Code Entry: Look for the Twitter-style bird icon on the left side of your screen.

  3. Enter the Code: A box will pop up where you can type or paste your desired code.

  4. Redeem and Enjoy: Hit the green button to redeem. Successful redemption will be indicated by green text, and any boosts will appear on the bottom left of your screen.

December 2023 Active Codes

  • HappyChristmas!: 2 Shiny Pots, 2 Transfer Tokens, and 2 Grimoire Tokens

  • DelayApology: 5 Passive Transfer Tokens, 5 Shiny Potions, and 4 Grimoire Tokens

  • Update51: 3 Shiny Boosts

  • SuperApology: 6 Passive Transfer Tokens

  • Pregame_U8zKl: 10 Passive Transfer Tokens (NORMAL); 2 Shiny Boosts and 2 Super Drop Boosts (HARDCORE)

  • ZnxCvb9: 5 Passive Transfer Tokens and 2 Super Drop Boosts (NORMAL); 2 Super Damage Boosts and 2 Super Luck Boosts (HARDCORE)

  • sulley1m: Luck Boost and Damage Boost

  • otrademark: Divine Fruit

  • 1MilFaves: Yen and XP Boosts

  • SummerEvent2: 1 Dungeon Token, 3 Luck Boosts, 1 Super Yen Boost, and 1 Clone Token

  • RealDaireb: Free boosts and rewards

  • RobloxFixed??: Free Rewards

  • SorryForBugs: 2 Super Luck Boosts, 2 Super Drop Boosts.

Get the Latest Codes at

For the most up-to-date codes and game insights, make sure to visit! Whether you're battling it out in Anime Fighters Simulator or exploring other thrilling games on Roblox, is your go-to source for the latest codes, tips, and tricks. Stay ahead of the game with the freshest updates and maximize your gaming experience today! 🌐👾

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