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Shadovis RPG Codes - December 2022

Here are all of the currently working Shadovis RPG Codes!

Updated: 12/17/22

Active Codes:

  • bruh—Redeem for 175 Tokens (New)

  • woops—Redeem for 525 Tokens (New)

  • bells—Redeem for 125 Event Tokens (New)

  • late update enjoyers—Redeem for 2 hours of 2x XP (New)

  • craft—Redeem for the Ring of Transmutation

  • 75000likes—Redeem for a Dusk Blade

  • crafting enjoyer—Redeem for 1 hour of 2x exp

  • photon—Redeem for a Photon Ring

  • sleepy—Redeem for 60 minutes 2x exp (New)

  • brokenasgame—Redeem for 69 tokens

  • joindiscord—Redeem for Leafy Sprig

  • haunting—Redeem for 75 tokens

  • swag—Redeem for an hour exp Boost

  • scary—Redeem for 50 Event Tokens

  • 60000likes—Redeem for a Charged Icedagger

  • rockin—Redeem for a Regular Guitar weapon

  • void—Redeem for a Magic Star item

  • 100kfavs—Redeem for the Flying Star Charm

  • saucy—Redeem for a Vampire Charm

  • falchion—Redeem this code for Champions Falchion

  • 25000likes—Redeem this code for the Party Hat

  • million2—Redeem this code for Wanwood Antlers

  • 15000likes—Redeem this code for Party Bazooka

  • burning—Redeem this code for Faux Firebrand

  • twitter—Redeem this code for Fledgling Ringlet

  • claws—Redeem this code for Shadow Claws

  • 500likes—Redeem this code for Party Cap

  • 7500Likes—Redeem this code for Gold Ring

  • million—Redeem this code for Wanwood Antlers

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