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Roblox Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes (FREE BOOSTS)

These codes will give you gems in Roblox Weapon Fighting Simulator. These codes are working.

These codes are awesome! These codes will give you certain boosts, skins, and money!

Updated: 2/13/23

  • map32—Redeem this code for All Boosts (New)

  • reforge—Redeem this code for All Boosts

  • geartrading—Redeem this code for All Boosts

  • like375—Redeem this code for All Boosts

  • map31—Redeem this code for All Boosts

  • oneyear—Redeem this code for All Boosts

  • gear: 10 minutes of +2 Lucky and 20 minutes of x2 Spirit Stones (NEW!)

  • map30: Freebies

  • sonic—Redeem for All Boosts (New)

  • clever—Redeem for All Boosts

  • serverboss2—Redeem for All Boosts

  • map27—Redeem for All Boosts

  • serverboss—Redeem for All Boosts

  • map26—Redeem for All Boosts (New)

  • candy3—Redeem for All Boosts (New)

  • candy2—Redeem for All Boosts (New)

  • halloween—Redeem for All Boosts

  • jack—Redeem for All Boosts

  • candy—Redeem for All Boosts

  • map25—Redeem for All Boosts

  • newpet—Redeem for a New Pet Egg

  • like350—Redeem for All Boosts

  • map24—Redeem for 30 minutes All Boosts

  • town—Redeem for 1 Hour All Boosts (New)

  • map23—Redeem for All Boosts

  • hardtrail—Redeem for All Boosts

  • map22—Redeem for All Boosts

  • visits250m—Redeem for All Boosts (New)

  • newbuff—Redeem for Boss Key and Boosts (New)

  • map21—Redeem for a Qi Boost and several other Boosts

  • l325k—Redeem code for Luck Boost

  • popsicle—Redeem code for Damage Boost

  • map20—Redeem for Boots

  • timetrial—Redeem for Boosts

  • map19—Redeem for Boost

  • skin—Redeem for Boosts

  • lk300k—Redeem for Boosts

  • map18—Redeem for Boosts

  • batoidea—Redeem for Boosts

  • map17—Redeem for Boosts

  • likes275k—Redeem for Boosts

  • fighting—Redeem for Boosts

  • RAMPHobbies—Redeem for Boosts

  • Worrybear—Redeem for Boosts

  • Sub2RoboSlothGaming—Redeem for Boosts

  • Carbon—Redeem for Boosts

  • sisterguard—Redeem for Boosts

  • Skull—Redeem for Boosts

  • funrix—Redeem for Boosts

  • Kingkade—Redeem for Boosts

  • CodeNex—Redeem for Boosts

  • JazonGaming—Redeem for Boosts

  • WFS—Redeem for Boosts

  • hardmode—Redeem for Boosts

  • defense—Redeem for 2x Spirit and 2x Spell Drop Boost

  • welcome—Redeem for 1x Spirit Stone Boost

  • weaponfighting—Redeem for 1x Damage Boost

  • happyday—Redeem for 1x Qi Boost

  • goodluck—Redeem for 1x Lucky Boost

Watch this video for the codes!


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