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Roblox THE HOUSE TD Codes!

Get Ready for the lates codes in THE HOUSE TD. These codes give you insane rewards for free and you wont want to miss them! This game is a fun and offers a somilar gameplay as most tower defense games!

untitled boxing game

How to Redeem Codes in Roblox THE HOUSE TD:

  1. Launch The House TD Game

  2. Click the 'CODES' Button on the Left Lower Side of the screen!

  3. Press Enter to redeem the codes!

Active Codes:

  • HappyChristmas – 250 gems

  • House50k – ten voodoo tokens

  • Happy40k – 200 soul gems

  • Souls30k – 200 soul gems

  • Thanks20k – 200 soul gems

  • Boom10k – 200 soul gems

  • House3k – 100 soul gems

  • Goatmelon – Melon Master

Note: Codes are time-sensitive and may expire. Be sure to redeem them as soon as possible!

Conclusion: With these codes, you're now ready to take your Roblox The House TD experience to the next level. Remember, for the most recent updates and codes, as well as insider tips on the The House TD, keep your browser pointed to Stay ahead of the competition by visiting us for the most current game information and codes. Lace up, fighters, your next bout awaits!

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