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Roblox Muscle Legends Codes

Here are all of the currently working Roblox Muscle Legends Codes!

Unleash the power within and sculpt your ultimate physique with our exclusive Roblox Muscle Legends promo codes! Elevate your strength and agility to unparalleled heights while amassing a wealth of gems to fuel your fitness journey. These codes unlock a world of possibilities, allowing you to dominate the competition and rise as a true muscle legend. Strengthen your avatar, boost your agility, and accumulate precious gems to unlock new levels of athleticism. Don't miss the chance to redefine your virtual physique – grab your codes now and embark on a journey to become the ultimate powerhouse in Muscle Legends on Roblox!

Go to Muscle Legends and press the "Codes" button and enter these codes!

muscle legends codes

Working Codes:

  • SkyAgility50 - 500 Agility boost.

  • SpaceGems50 - 5,000 Gems.

  • Speedy50 - 250 Agility boost.

  • SuperMuscle100 - 200 Strength boost.

  • SuperPunch100 - 100 Strength boost.

  • MegaLift50 - 250 Strength boost.

  • MillionWarriors - 1,500 Strength boost.

  • MuscleStorm50 - 1,500 Strength boost.

  • Launch250 - 250 Gems.

  • GalaxyCrystal50 - 5,000 Gems.

  • FrostGems10 - 10,000 Gems.

  • EpicReward500 - 500 Gems.

Watch this video to see how to redeem the codes!

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