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Nik’s Murder Sandbox Codes

Here are all of the currently working Nik’s Murder Sandbox Codes!

Updated 5/6/23

Active Codes:

  • EIC0RE – Redeem for the Pink Scythe

  • C0MB4T – Redeem for the Combat II Knife

  • FR33C0D32 – Redeem for the Elder Branch Knife

  • H0L1D4Y5 – Redeem for the Holiday Marble Knife

  • ns99thunderYT – Redeem for the Thunder Outfit

  • V1RUS – Redeem for the Virus Knife

  • GL1TCH2 – Redeem for a free Knife Skin

  • Nerf – Redeem for a SharkSeeker & Dartbringer

  • GreenIceSet – Redeem for a Green Iceblaster & Green Icebreaker

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